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Can you land a UX job without a design background?

Can you land a UX job without a design background?

I didn’t study design, why would they hire me?” I hear comments like this all the time. People tell me they worry about not being great at graphic design, that they didn’t go to design school. Maybe they studied something completely unrelated, why would anyone hire them to do UX or product design?

The crazy thing is, most people who tell me this are already professional designers.

You might find it hard to live up to expectations, to solve all the constraints, when you’re doodling on a whiteboard. But you know how important design is, and how costly bad design can be.

The simple is you don’t need to be a designer to practice design. Design Thinking is all about asking right questions and answering them thoughtfully. If you are curious and can make a habit out of asking questions and documenting answers, you have all the skills you need to be a great product designer.